RC Helicopter – How To Increase Flight Time

There are a couple of simple things we can do to get the most out of that li-po battery cell on your MyWebRC Iron Eagle Helicopter.

  • Let the battery cool down for at least 20 minutes after a flight or after a charge. If the battery feels warm then the peak detection voltage will be unstable and make the charger cut off earlier than necessary. This is standard with all li-po batteries. Note that heat and impact are their enemies.
  • If you are using your controller to re-charge your helicopter make sure your batteries are fresh. If they get weak, they will not supply a full charge for your helicopter.
  • Use rechargeable batteries on your controller. The helicopter really drains the controller batteries when charging; definitely more than while using the controller during flight control. This will help you make sure your helicopter can be fully charged.
  • Remove all weights or other things you have placed on your helicopter. Extra things on the helicopter means reduced flight time.
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